PSSR 2000 pressure systems safety regulations


All compressed air installations must conform to the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR2000). These regulations exist to protect all operators of compressed air systems, and ensure the system is in good operating order. All pressure systems larger than 250 bar/litres must have a ‘written scheme of examination’ and a statutory inspection in accordance with the written scheme, this is the law, and there should be no exceptions to the rule.

A written scheme of examination is a report that details all safety devices and components associated with the pressure system. The WSE also includes detailed inspection periods for each device or component. We would also recommend a schematic drawing of the whole air network is included as part of the dossier, to ensure all critical devices are clearly identifiable.

Implementing a Written Scheme of Examination with FPS is a straightforward practice. Once you have appointed us as your competent person to write and carry out the WSE, our competent engineer shall then attend site to identify, inspect, and test all the safety related equipment in your compressed air system. It is common that the identification of the critical components can be completed when the system is operating. The inspection / test however can only be carried out when the system is shut down, drained, and isolated for safety reasons.

pssr2000 pressure ssytems safety regulations

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