Operator training


At FPS we excel in technical expertise within all sections and disciplines of compressed air systems, however we also enjoy sharing our knowledge through training.

We provide in depth operator training of air compressors, associated equipment, correct use and ultimately safety. If you have compressors on site, what is the general knowledge of the operators like? Would it be beneficial if your operators knew more about general operation, daily checks, and health & safety issues regarding general compressed air safe use? We can help by providing education and user training of the equipment and safe use / good practice.

In addition, we also offer a dedicated training facility to educate our customers on the benefits of leak detection, maintenance, and general health and safety issues.

operating training

The benefits at a glance


⦁ All operators would benefit from useful information, a little knowledge goes a long way!


⦁ We can train operators in the safe use of compressed air, ensure your operators are safe!


⦁ Training on operation, maintenance, and air leak costs, help reduce your costs!


⦁ Full training facilities with simulators & knowledgeable tutors, make learning fun!

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