Breathing air testing


Compressed air is often used within industry as a means of life support, be it within air fed masks in spray booths, Scuba Diving, or high pressure breathing apparatus.

Without efficient and correctly maintained air treatment, compressor oils, pipe rust, and airborne contaminants drawn in by the compressors air intake can, when mixed with moisture, become a dangerous mix that will ruin finishes, damage the health of those ingesting, and cause premature wear to any equipment with which it comes into contact. Breathing air testing provides advanced warning to ensure these contaminants are not passed on to your employees and production processes, allowing for rectification works to take place before danger occurs.

Our competent engineers will visit your premises, carry out the breathing air test to standard BSEN 12021 and provide a certificate of the results. We are also able to advise you on any problems you may have, or any additional treatment / safety equipment that may be required.

COSHH regulations require a minimum interval of three months between tests of breathing air systems, while the BSEN 12021 standard sets out minimum quality requirements for breathable compressed air, covering applicable levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, lubricants, water, other types of contaminants and odour.

breathing air quality testing

The benefits at a glance


⦁ We will ensure you are fully compliant, advice on all aspects of air purity & testing!


⦁ Record storage / manager of your air purity tests, safe keeping of records!


⦁ High pressure and low pressure testing available, cost effective testing for all systems!


⦁ Instant test results are provided during visit, no waiting for documentation in the post!



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