Energy efficiency data logging


FPS Air Compressors offer an air compressor data logging auditing service which allows us to monitor your air compressors 24 hours a day, over a 7 or 14-day period. The purpose of the data logging is to establish Key Performance Indicators of how hard the compressor is operating, baseload leakage, spare capacity within the compressed air system, electrical power consumed, and potential energy savings from the simulated installation of energy efficient equipment.

We use a state of the art data logging system that takes samples of the amperage pulled by each air compressor and network pressure, this information is then presented in a report detailing recommendations that will allow us to increase the overall energy efficiency of your compressed air system.

Data logging is of significant value if you as an organization are looking to lower your compressed air generation costs, and is the only accurate way to identify the compressed air usage profile for any industrial facility that operates multiple compressors.

compressor energy efficiency and data logging

The benefits at a glance


⦁ The only way to identify compressor system efficiency, identify wasted energy accurately!


⦁ Identify full system running costs, and areas of inefficiency, identify opportunities for improvement!


⦁ Simulate the installation of energy efficient equipment before purchasing, eliminate the risk of estimation!


⦁ Look for air consumption trends, and baseline air leakage, identify air leak wastage!




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