Installation and start up service


Turnkey installations for your compressed air system and ancillary equipment – are you looking for the reassurance and peace of mind that comes with a professional installation?

For a compressed air system to run at its optimum efficiency and reliability, the process all begins with the installation process, if the installation is undertaken in a poor manner, problems will never be far behind.

Our Installation and Start-up Service will install and commission your new compressed air system, dryer, filters, or nitrogen generation plant to the highest possible professional standard. Professional installation by us is much more than "just" connecting the compressor to existing pipework.

When we carry out an installation, we also check the completed installation for air leaks, ensure the correct pipe work material is used for the application, and ensure the minimum amount of bends are used to minimise pressure drop to increase overall energy efficiency.

Turnkey installations to include all mechanical services and even external compressor houses / enclosures are available as part of our offering.

air compressor installation

The benefits at a glance


⦁ Turnkey installation of your new compressor system, installation correct from day one!


⦁ No additional work for you or sub-contractors, makes the installation process simple!


⦁ No risk of first start-up problems or during commissioning, minimize downtime risk!


⦁ Full pressure leak test with new installation, remove any wasted energy costs!

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