Remote Compressor Monitoring & Control


The FPS remote service management facility is a service unique to certain Fini and Power System air compressors, from using the onboard SMS device, we can monitor remotely the operation of your air compressor, and fine-tune the servicing and operation on your machine at any time.

The remote service management programme allows us to undertake the maintenance to your compressor precisely when it is due, rather than based upon a fixed yearly schedule.

The remove service management also allows for off-site monitoring of key operating parameters such as pressure, operating temperature, and will automatically send notification emails & text messages to us to warn of an abnormal event or fault. This in turn allows us to react to potential problems before they escalate, and before they result in downtime.

The remote service management package can therefore be included into all maintenance packages where a new compatible Fini or Power Systems compressor is purchased.

remote compressor monitoring and control

The benefits at a glance


⦁ Predictive maintenance based upon running hours, reduce ongoing maintenance costs!


⦁ Notifications of faults by email or text, early warning and preventing a problem escalating!


⦁ Remotely monitored by FPS directly, peace of mind knowing that the experts are always on hand!


⦁ Simple operation and low-cost setup, cost-effective solution for all!

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