Valid From APRIL 2024 Rev. 1

PriceList Apr22


UK Price List APRIL 2024 Rev. 1 (Click to download)
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FPS APRIL 2024 Rev. 1 - UK Price List:
PriceList Apr22


The March 2024 FPS Price List encompasses one of the most comprehensive and successful ranges of piston, rotary screw and rotary scroll air compressor in addition to a complimentary range of air treatment products and management systems. The existing wide range of products has been added to with several exciting new products and solutions including:

The price list will be in effect as of Friday 1st March 2024


UK Price List New Product List - APRIL 2024 Rev. 1
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In addition to the wide range of existing products, we have made several exciting additions to the range, these include:

 Nobel 18 90 NEW ADDITIONS: Power System Darwin
Series, Fixed Variable Speed - 2.2 to 55kW - Download The Darwin Catalogue Here
Nobel 5 15

NEW: Membrane Dryers complete with filters
from 1.8 to 106.6 cfm


NEW: Breathing Air Filter System
46 cfm


NEW: Sterile Filters 0.01 microns
from 44 to 2119 cfm

 FSN PS1  NEW: FSN PS Refrigerated Dryers
from 600 to 150000 lt/min
 FSN PS1  NEW: 1500 Ltr Air Receivers
The price list will be in effect as of Friday 1st March 2024
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