.UK Price List April 2021 (Click to download).pdf


.UK Price List April 2021 (Click to download).pdf

FPS April 2021 - UK Price List:

The 2021 FPS Price List encompasses one of the most comprehensive and successful ranges of piston, rotary screw and rotary scroll air compressor in addition to a complimentary range of air treatment products and management systems. The existing wide range of products has been added to with several exciting new products and solutions including:

FPS Price List 2021  

 *Coming Soon*
FINI Mini Cube
2.2 kW, single/three phase


 New Additions:
PASCAL - 2.2 - 4.0 kW
From: 288 to 985 l/min ....


New Additions:
Filter Option for MICRO/PLUS series


New Additions:
FLEMING 2.2 Kw single phase
from 288 to 985 l/min ....


New Additions:
MKE Dryers
Extended range from 495 to 11,800 l/min ....


 New Additions:
IC Static Fridge Dryers
from 29 to 77 cfm .....

  PL7  New Additions:
ECOFluid Mineral Lubricant
available in 3.8 & 20 L ....
  PL8  New Additions:
MCH3/LC High Pressure Compressor
1.5 kW - for paintball use ....
   PL9  New Additions:
Screw Compressor, Petrol
5.5 kW, Portable .....
   The price list will be in effect as of Monday 6th April 2021
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